U-Nite TV:

A Christian platform for kids. On U-Nite TV, kids are united with the Gospel through animated adventures, songs, and missionary stories. We have also partnered with some other ministries to provide their content through this platform. You can think about this platform as a Netflix for CEF’s content.

You can access the full library from your laptop, IOS, Android, Apple TV and Android TV.

You can check out U-Nite TV and learn more by clicking here unite.cefonline.com

U-Nite Radio:

A Christian podcast for kids. This podcast presents relatable audio adventures for kids that contain biblical truths that will cultivate a strong foundation in Christ. The podcast consists of two series, Good News Devos and Good News Heros. Good News Devos episodes share truths from the Bible and about God in an easy-to-understand way. Good News Heros episodes share the story of historical heroes of the faith and how God used them to reach others. You can find U-Nite Radio on your favorite streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. A new episode of the podcast is published each week.

You can check out U-Nite Radio and learn more by clicking here cefonline.com/uniteradio

U-Nite Kids: (Coming Soon)

A discipleship app for children. This is currently in development with plans to deliver Version 1 by the end of 2022. The release of our first version will share The Wonder Devotionals, games, achievements for progress and participation, and answers to common questions from kids. The U-Nite Kids app will be available for both IOS and Android.

You can check out U-Nite Kids and learn more by clicking here cefonline.com/unitekids

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