Church Partnership Manual

Introducing the Church Partnership Manual
Six Steps to Serving the Church
Through CEF® Ministry Programs

To fulfill the CEF purpose statement, establishing strong partnerships with local churches is imperative. Formerly, The Plan, offered instructions on how to establish church partnerships for the main purpose of starting Good News Clubs. In this new resource, the Church Partnership Manual, there is a deliberate change in our focus to serve the Church through CEF programs and training.
The new Church Partnership Manual is a streamlined resource offering flexible and relevant strategies for serving local churches. Approaches are adaptable for what best suits a local chapter, churches, and their community. A church can begin children’s ministry outreach with a lower commitment of a Party Club or a more involved commitment of a 5-Day Club® or Good News Club®.
A work group of experienced CEF directors and trainers, who have successfully maintained church partnerships, collaborated with USA Leadership on the new manual. They addressed the issues with The Plan. Though extremely useful and successful for its time, it is now somewhat outdated. The team whittled 338 pages of The Plan to six steps covered on 15 pages. The drastic reduction in size is also because resources are online, rather than included within the manual.
There is also a change in cost. The Church Partnership Manual is FREE online through the staff website, also as a downloadable PDF.
Things to know about the Church Partnership Manual.
·     The name of the manual emphasizes its purpose, to serve the Church through CEF programs.
·     CEF programs are presented in an order based on the level of commitment (from Party Clubs to Good News Clubs).
·     The manual is streamlined – Six Steps to Church Partnership.
·     It is available for free in an online version on the staff website. (Also in a PDF document.)
Resources are:
·     Online in a simple folder system
·     Customizable
·     Available immediately when updates are made or new resources are introduced
Our prayer is that this new resource will be a catalyst for the CEF family to serve the Church resulting in children hearing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, being discipled in the Word of God and established in a local church for Christian living.
As you begin using the manual and have suggestions for improvements or other resources, email
Staff will find the new manual on the staff website. Log in to and then go to
It is also available as a download on the staff Resource Library.

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