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Al Cameron, is the Coordinator of Cape Fear Chapter of CEF located in Wilmington, NC. He and his wife Penny Cameron have spent 25 years in ministry with Global Outreach Missions.  Penny has 25 years experience in working with Fellowship of Bible Churches Primary week at Camp Tohiglo, Mercersburg, PA. Al and Penny held Good News Clubs in WV elementary schools for 20 years and it  grew into a JYC Club in a near by Middle School for 7 years.  Al and Penny have a heart to  see children saved and to discipline the children lead to the Lord.


The Cape Fear Chapter reported in September, 2019, 447 children heard had heard the Gospel 16 events.  13 children received Christ as their Savor. The chapter held 9 training classes to teach volunteers both adults and teens how to teach children effectively; 2020 has hindered personal contact with children, however, 493 packets have been distributed to children in Mobile Home Parks and other neighborhoods.  Tlhese packets contained a Jesus DVD and Gospel information and websites were given with professional done CEF Good News Club to invite and motivate children to engage in God;s Word.


As you know, we are a  501(c)3  non-profit organization dedicated to reaching Children for Christ. We gladly accept and appreciate all donations. Donations to this website will be used by the CEF of NC State Office to help further the ministry throughout North Carolina.

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Allen and Penny Cameron
CEF of NC Cape Fear

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Child Evangelism Fellowship of NC, Inc., Cape Fear Chapter
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Reaching children worldwide since 1937

Reaching children worldwide since 1937